A question about the Health Insurance “Crisis” in America?

Question by mellifluence24: A question about the Health Insurance “Crisis” in America?
Can someone explain to me what’s going on? I don’t understand what the problem is and what Obama’s administration is trying to do thats making his popularity dip.


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Answer by February1
Nearly 50 million uninsured? Lots more under insured? People goin bankrupt from medical bills in record numbers? The cost of insurance is up 100% in ten years.

Fortune 500 companies saying they can’t keep covering the skyrocketing costs?

Yeah, its a crisis.

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  • Love Canada.

    You have health care others do not

  • P. D.

    Government wants to control EVERYTHING, Not happy with the auto industry, insurance industry, the industries they took over recently. They want to control our health, too.

  • Doc

    The true crux of the problem is two fold:

    Entering the work force with nothing more than a high school diploma guarantees that you will NOT make enough money to support yourself, let alone raise a family.

    The days of corporations offering benefits packages that include health insurance are ending. Unionized labor has killed industry in America. Thanks to Bill Clinton and NAFTA/WTO, those high paying union jobs are now leaving to overseas markets where the cost of labor is significantly less.

    Mr. Obama has strong armed his way to try and get his Health Care Reform bill passed. To members of the AMA and key representatives of the insurance industry he has said “Unless you sign on and do this, I promise you that you WILL go the way of GM.”

    After the financial ruin of several mortgage and lending companies, he offered money to the auto industry. Those who took the money were then forced into bankruptcy, their CEOs forced to resign and the companies split up and sold to the first bidder.

    Instead of raising the bar on education so that people might actually be able to purchase their own health insurance, he has insisted on demonizing the insurance companies, doctors and the pharmaceutical industry (essentially anyone who makes a profit without his approval or intervention).

  • pretzgolf

    We have the best health system.It only needs a tune up.The former president Johnson’s’ administration passed a bill to barrow one trillion dollars from the Social Security Trust Fund for their ill fatted housing projects,with the promise to pay it back plus interest.Not one penny has been paid back,and many of the housing projects created slums Our health system would been in great shape with a overflow of currency

  • amfam

    Thanks!´╗┐ ~ AmFam

  • Rhonfea

    This is a great idea! Great work American´╗┐ Family.

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