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Question by lily graceee (:: American Insurance questions..?
okay, i watch a lot of american teen movies.. including the secret life of the american teenager, gossip girl and so on… anyway in all of them, if anything happens like they need to go to the doctor they always say about insurance… one i can remember from the top of my head is this one.. Adrian a girl from the secret life of the american teenager was pregnant and she said “i used to go to the clinic but now my parents are back together, i have really good insurance”…
does american not have something like medicare? is everything in american private health insurance? i’ve also heard people say something about american and not having public free health care.

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Answer by StephenWeinstein
The United States has something called Medicare for individuals who are 65 years old or older. It also has something called Medicaid for extremely poor individuals. It does not have anything like Australian medicare for most of its population. Most U.S. citizens under 65 years old do not qualify for any health care from the government and either use private health insurance or pay for everything themselves.

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