Can you please help me writing the bullet points in ” job experience” section on my resume?

Question by sum142121: Can you please help me writing the bullet points in ” job experience” section on my resume?
Could you help me the ” job experience” section in my resume?
I am trying to add 2-3 more bullet points to my Job experience section.

Someone just called me for an interview on monday , but they want me to send an updated copy of my resume with my last job included in it . I didn’t put it in because it was only for a few months . Anyway the interview is for a technical job( Quality Inspector) and this Job I did is not technically inclined. So basically , I am trying to put a technical spin to it.

hmm.. The company I was working in was an Insurance Company called ” Presidential Life Insurance ” .

I was working in the Records department where they used to have 100’s of micro film rolls . The auditors and people working down in the cubicles would send requests to my computer and I was in charge of getting the right rolls and scanning the frames(which had file information )and saving it into the computer. From there they would simply go and retrieve the information
So far this is what I have ,

Archival Technician
Responsible for the control and conversion of records. Required extensive use of computer equipment and processes to perform digital conversions.

Reported faulty fraims and micro film records and took immediate action to repair the film and any machine errors .

Was commeded for the speed and accuracy at which the job was dealt with and completed.

( i don’t know how this sounds, what do you think ? ( any grammar errors..?). I also helped train this co-worker for a day and fetched files from different department for the data entry people )

How would I write that in bullet points , in such a way that it’ll sound technical and professional ?

Can you help me put a technical spin to my previous job in my “job experiences” section in my resume ?

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Answer by AnnaBelle
Darlin’ I like it the way you have it. The company interviewing you will ask you about the points or your responsibilities; sometimes we don’t even look at the resume more than a few minutes but are just looking for talking points to meet the real you.

BTW, It’s okay that your last job wasn’t strictly technical, so don’t worry if you’re asked about that during the interview.

I like the bullet points the way you’ve written them. It sounds professional to me.

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