Comparison between Whole Life Insurance Vs Term Life Insurance

Like everything in this world, the way we all get ourselves secured has transformed. Get whole life insurance, as an example. Actually designed to span few years and also effectively culminating in the policy holder’s passing away this plan intended to help the deceased person’s loved ones are adjusted to fit the ever changing needs of the modern world’s economic evolution.

As time moved on various points of view regarding the execution of the whole life insurance policy emerged and these gradually transformed the way this policy has been carried out since. Incase we were to refer to its literal meaning, “whole life” would suggest a policy holder’s entire natural life up to the point of his death. These days, insurance firms have come up with a way to keep up with the growing longevity of human life. Within India, for example, nowadays there are choices to get a ‘whole life insurance plan’ for 25 or even 50 and even 80 years, depending on the customer’s preference.

If you think over it, it’s a direct contradiction of what this policy is all about. No-one can ‘plan’ to live for only 25 or 50 or 80 years, can they? That is why the phrase “Term Insurance” was coined for this kind of coverage.

To provide you a far better understanding, and even to discern between two, let us take a moment shed light on the comparison.

Whole Life Insurance
Plans which offer protection for the whole time a policy holder is alive and also ends mainly in the event of his death

As long as a policy holder is alive the insurance plan remains intact.

A policy terminates when the policy holder expires and rewards will then be passed on to the living beneficiaries.
Bigger monthly payments
Charges will not grow as the policy matures
Builds value

Term Insurance

Plans that provide protection for a specific amount of time

This means that the package is temporary and moreover will only be active over a few years after which the beneficiaries and the policy holder will able to receive the benefits of the plan.

Lower premiums
Rates may increase as policy ages
Doesn’t build value

These are few things one should consider before you take out the best life insurance policies. You can get definitely more than a few others more that you have to keep in mind as this is no small undertaking. The decision to take out insurance plan on a person’s life is a choice to live in planning for whatever there’s to come afterwards. It is a conscious resolve to dedicate what we should have been working hard for in this life to those that we will leave behind when it’s over. Whichever one we go for will reflect remarkably on our convictions and family is one of the most effective ones we will ever have.

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