Do more people “settle” or marry the person they love?

Question by : Do more people “settle” or marry the person they love?
In between friends, and my girlfriends family and mine- we went to 8 weddings this summer. These ranged from the all-out go for broke lavish weddings to nice, intimate backyard ceremony and cookout affairs.
I’ve thought about this, and though most of these people are dear to me and I want them to be happy- it seems the majority ( except one ) of the marriages was for convenience, rather than love.
My cousin- at his reception actually told me that it was about time for them to get married, so he could get her kids on “his insurance”, and I’ve heard this from others when children from past relationships are involved.
It just seems alot of people just either 1. think they have to be married. 2. do it for financial reasons ( split bills/ insurance) 3.not sure- some of these people seem to have nothing in common.

I’ve explained to my girlfriend the only reason for marriage is 1. if you want to have and raise children together. This is one reason I would not marry a woman with children from previous marriages- that bond cannot exist, and for the most part alot of single moms are looking to get married for the financial purpose. or #2 if you meet your soulmate in another country and you need to be married to be together. I know alot of people look down on ” mail order brides ” but my friends that have done this seem to have the best loving marriages I have personally seen.

do you think more people “settle” or marry the person they love?

One more though for extra points- what is your opinions on arranged marriages? I know one family that have this situation, and they are the most loving, functional family that I know.

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Answer by Country GAL
The romantic in me would say that people got married for love. However, I could see the convenience or the added bonus of being legally married opposed with living together that would make couples marry faster. Arranged marriages I think are tricky why would you want to be with someone that you may or may not be soul mates with. The family must have gotten lucky or hides the fact that they have crazy relationships/

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