Does AARP offer affordable health insurance? What is the best medical care option for low income Americans?

Question by : Does AARP offer affordable health insurance? What is the best medical care option for low income Americans?
I am helping someone trying to find health benefits. She saw an add for AARP on TV and asked me to check into it. From what I can see AARP is a magazine subscriiption that offers a few discounts and offers a plan to suppliment existing insurance. It does not appear to be a place you can go for affordable primary health insurance. She is 55 years old, in relatively good health, except for taking high blood pressure medicine, a legal U.S. resident and currently unemployed. He last job was a Nanny job and that is probably what she will find next, but those kind of jobs are usually with a private family and they offer nothing in way of benefits. I have tried to GOOGLE “low income health insurance” and the best I have found is a short term policy, with a 7500 hospital deductable that costs 256.00 a month, still out of her reach. Are there any alternatives for low income Americans? Is AARP a possible solution to get her access to affordable medical care? All input is appreciated. She is just wants to be able to get affordable medical care and I really do not have an answer for her

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Answer by Flower
AARP is not an insurance company. They hawk United Health Care, one of the biggest health care crooks there is.

There is no such thing as low cost or affordable insurance until 2014 when you can buy a policy with a tax credit subsidy.

Your friend has to go to any one of thousands of county or city medical clinics in every community and pay a charge which is lower than a private doctor would charge.

Why doesnt she have health insurance already?

She can consult an independent insurance agent and see what legitimate company has a plan for her with a lower deductible.

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2 comments to Does AARP offer affordable health insurance? What is the best medical care option for low income Americans?

  • mbrcatz

    AARP is a club – they don’t sell insurance. They’ll send her to one of the insurance companies that pays them lots of money for the privelege of buying their “leads”.

    And someone who’s 55, I’m not sure what you consider “affordable” for health insurance, but a FAIR rate in most states with a $ 3,000 deductible, is going to be darned close to $ 400 a month, IF she’s not overweight, and doesn’t have ANY preexisting conditions – not likely, at her age.

    “Low income health insurance” is called Medicaid – welfare health insurance.

    And if she is healthy, it will be more affordable for her to just pay the doctor. The ONLY thing insurance does, is pay part of the bills for you. It doesn’t GET you health care. And it can’t make a doctor charge LESS. Doctors and hospitals just charge a whole bunch of money for their services – and the more you want to buy, the more it costs. Just like with anything else.

  • StephenWeinstein

    There are alternatives for some low income Americans, but not for her. Because she is already 55 and already has high blood pressure, it is too late now. She could have affordable insurance now, if she had gotten it when she was younger and was not yet taking medication. It is too late now.

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