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If you talk to most Arizona residents about cheap health insurance companies they’ll look at you as if you’re crazy. The very idea of cheap health insurance seems ludicrous to most people, especially when more than 50% of all Arizona residents who have health insurance report that they can barely afford to pay the premiums as it is. Fortunately there are several things which most people fail to take into consideration that could reduce the cost of their health insurance significantly.
A very simple thing that most people overlook is to pay their health insurance premium automatically every month from their checking or savings account. If your insurance company doesn’t have to mail you an expensive bill every month they pass the savings along to you.
If you don’t see your doctor often during a normal year, then why not increase your co-payment from the standard 25% to 50%? It will save you around 20% a month on the cost of your premium and should save you money in the long run.
What about your deductible? Can you afford to increase it? Obviously this is a question that you’ll have to consider carefully, but the higher your yearly deductible the lower your monthly premium payment is going to be.
If you’re serious about reducing the cost of your health insurance then you are going to have to be serious about not smoking or using chew or any other tobacco product. You simply will NOT get the cheapest price for health insurance if you smoke or use chew. Period.
If the cost of health insurance is still too high you might consider opening a Health Savings Account, especially if you are generally healthy. A Health Savings Account, also known as an HSA is a special savings account that you fund with cheap tax-free dollars. The catch is that you can only use the money in your HSA to pay for your medical needs during the year. Because the money in your HSA is tax-free it is equivalent to saving approximately 25% on your health needs.
Another advantage to an HSA is that if you do not use all of the money in your account in a given year then the balance rolls over into the next year, which would allow you, over time, to build up a nice tax-free nest egg.
As part of your HSA account you will be required to buy a very low-cost high-deductible health insurance policy. These cheap health insurance policies have a deductible so high that in a normal year they will not pay even a penny toward any of your health care needs – that’s what your tax-free savings account is for.
What these cheap insurance policies do is they act as a safety net to shield your life savings and even your home itself from an unexpected catastrophic accident or illness which results in enormous medical bills which otherwise could have wiped out everything you own.
There is one last thing you can do that will save you a bundle on your health insurance, and that’s to buy your policy online. In today’s world you would have to be crazy not to buy your medical insurance online since online insurance sellers offer their products at such deep discounts.
One of the tricks to finding the most affordable policy online is to make sure that you check out the prices on several different health insurance price comparison websites rather than relying on the results that you find from just one site.
But once you’ve made all of your comparisons then the fun really begins as you simply choose the cheapest health insurance company in Arizona and know that you are saving a ton of money every year while still getting the health insurance that you and your family need.

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July 16, 2009 House Ways and Means Committee markup of HR 3200 Congressman Paul Ryan presses the authors of the one-trillion-plus dollar, one-thousand-plus page health care bill on another disturbing consequence that hits close to home. In less than five years, a Milwaukee-based employer will no longer be allowed to create new insurance policies in the individual market. The creation of new individual private health insurance plans will be illegal as this bill is currently written. From HR 3200, Title 1, Section 102: LIMITATION ON NEW ENROLLMENT Except as provided in this paragraph, the individual health insurance issuer offering such coverage does not enroll any individual in such coverage if the first effective date of coverage is on or after the first day of [2013]. (Source: Earlier today, Paul Ryan asked House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee Staff Director Cybele Bjorklund to clarify this concern: Ryan: In 2013, let’s take Assurant, a large employer in Milwaukee – 800 of which live in the district I represent – Assurant is a big, individual market insurer. After 2013, Assurant can no longer enroll people in their individual market plans. Is that correct? Bjorklund: Yeah. They can enroll family members of people who are already in and they can choose to participate in the [federal government] exchange, where they will have a large ready market, many of whom will have subsidies behind their backs, and they can operate in there. Ryan: Okay. Just
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  • Vetwolf13

    Ryan and the GOP believe in choices!! That’s right-if they have their way senior citizens will have to make lots of choices – one choice they’ll have to make will be between health care and food! SUCKERS!!!

  • adrienspawn

    @TheIrieGamer I like to think that government will think twice before meddling in markets given what happened in 08.

  • Vetwolf13

    I pray to God that the republicans have their way. It will give me great pleasure to see all you inbred right wingers lose your jobs, homes, pensions and social security!
    The GOP will privatize everything and that means you’ll lose it- all of it! And that goes for your inbred kids too! Just PLEASE, PLEASE thinks of me and how happy I’ll be when it happens! SUCKERS!

  • TheIrieGamer

    @adrienspawn that is the same reason why Wall Street is going to crash again, government intervention.

  • adrienspawn

    @TheIrieGamer If the market wants green energy, it will get green energy just like it gets every single other commodity and service. The problem when the government interferes is that it has to increase revenue to cover the costs, which punish everyone, and also that it creates an inefficient market that has to be continually helped in order to survive, while also killing jobs in other sectors. That’s what I’m getting at. But it gains political points and people don’t understand economics so….

  • TheIrieGamer

    @adrienspawn All markets were emerging markets at one point. Economic trends show the clean technologies market is growing at a very fast pace similar to the computer market back in the day. Also I didn’t say anything about bailing out markets, all I said was it is something worth looking into. Maybe you’re right and maybe you’re not. When it comes to economics and finances it is hard to make any prediction no matter how much historical or actual data you have.

  • adrienspawn

    @adrienspawn shouldnt***

  • adrienspawn

    @TheIrieGamer It’s not a true market however. It’s artificial demand. The government should spend any money propping up or bailing out any markets.

  • TheIrieGamer

    @adrienspawn I can’t type the whole budget plan here but I read it and I recommend to people interested inthese things to go find it and read it too. In summary the plan is not proposing new subsidies but is keeping the $40 billion tax “loopholes” for big oil companies while eliminating investments in clean energy technologies. Clean technologies are a $2 trillion worldwide market, I think it is something the US should look into and take advantage.

  • adrienspawn

    @TheIrieGamer What oil subsidies?

  • TheIrieGamer

    I’m neither a republican nor a democrat, I vote for candidates. This guy’s budget proposal includes subsidies to big oil companies and leaving middle class behind. Big oil companies don’t need subsidies, they make a lot of money and are not being affected by the recession. I want to see someone propose a plan to help all americans not just the millionaires.

  • sandiegan45

    This Republican Eddie Monster, has some fucking crazy ideas, you better watch this lunatic, he is worst than Duncan Hunter.

  • stringlov

    It’s TIME to TAX the RICH $ make USA no.1

  • Insidapc


  • Vetwolf13

    Ryan wants to privatize you and your childrens future by taking your social security and giving it to the bankers. This means you and your children will have nothing! This nigger sucks Wall Streets cock-and swallows! You have been warned!

  • 2846odlab

    P: Ron Paul and VP: Paul Ryan 2012

  • rubbersole79

    Ryan / Thune 2012

  • MsZeitgeist85

    Paul Ryan was the deciding vote for Medicare Part D which wastes billions every year and to destroy Rep Ryan’s credibility even further he co-wrote the drug policy of Part D.

    How is that for an inconvenient truth.

  • anotherbowman

    @starview1 I agree completely. He has my total support. As far as I can tell he is the most intelligent member of congress speaking up for the people.

  • Scotchpker

    @marshalparshal NOTHING YOU DON’T WORK FOR!

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    do we actually deserve some stuff in life good question

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