For people who do have drug addictions?

Question by Jack: For people who do have drug addictions?
Besides the AA and NA stuff, How do you cope with your life with out usage. I know its up to you to just quit but for people who know what im talking about, its easier said than done. I’ve been clean since Dec last year but still think about using everyday. Getting positive feed back always helps me keep moving along.

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Answer by ֆȶʀǟաɮɛʀʀʏ ֆɦօʀȶƈǟӄɛ
I’ve never been an addict, but I just wanted to say good job! Lol, is it weird that I’m proud of you, even though I don’t know you?


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  • Jeremy Smitts

    I wish you the best in recovery my brother is a recovering addict, but i would say getting a hobby is the best thing.. stay busy find a sport or maybe just something that can occupy your time.

  • sydneygal

    Giving up anything is hard!! Just remind yourself of the reasons you quit and the positive effects it has had, good on you for succeeding where so many others fail 🙂

  • Breezy

    I’ve been clean for 20 years. I grew up in the 1960’s and kept using til I was in my 30’s. Parenting and drugs don’t mix. Living a decent life or living at all and substance abuse do not mix.
    I did it cold turkey. I just decided that I couldn’t live with my mind in that condition and my body was starting to give out from the dope. Life is difficult enough without being high on top of it. I didn’t want to die like that. Some people can do it on their own with things like exercise, being out in Nature, meditation, hobbies and diversions of that sort, reading the appropriate books and the encouragement of intelligent and understanding friends and family. But others need the support of other addicts in N.A. or A.A.
    A meeting once in a while can provide a bit of “insurance”. I wish you well and I wish you peace Jack. I’ve seen some of your answers and you seem like a decent guy.

  • Caitie Cupcakes

    I’ve never done drugs, but I wanted to congratulate you anyway. I saw another response you posted a few minutes ago about having been homeless and then getting your own home and store and all, and I think that’s really amazing. (Not to be creepy.) So, good job. Keep it up 🙂

  • Turkey is a Feathered Veggie

    I’m not nor have I been, but I know people who are in recovery and the best thing is to get involved in fun things that you like to do and things that will require energy so you are tired enough to not be dwelling on drugs.
    Never be afraid to ask others for support and Good Job!

  • Dan Snyder

    Great video, Robin!

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