Free Medical Health Insurance For Low Income Families

It is possible to get free health insurance although the procedures involved can be a hassle indeed. Even as the costs for health care continue to rise, the various State and Federal governments have continue to provide free health insurance plans to those that are eligible with several commercial insurers such as Cigna, Anthem, Aurora, Blue Shield etc on the market. Below are some references to cheap and free health insurance options to make sure you can somehow afford to have healthcare protection for you and your family. More importantly, it should be stressed that you cannot afford to not have even the most basic medical insurance nowadays.

Medicaid is a free health insurance plan managed by the government to assist low-income families, pregnant women and people with certain disabilities who do not have any existing poor health insurance. Because of the rapidly aging population, home nursing and long term care coverage are becoming a big service area under Medicaid. This free medical insurance program is also known by different names, such as “Medi-Cal” in California, “MassHealth” in Massachusetts, and “TennCare” in Tennessee etc.

Admission into the Medicaid free health insurance plan is mostly based on your income and affordability for health services. Not all low income families can be eligible for Medicaid, whose specific rules are governed differently by each state and federal law. An interesting point to note is that Medicaid does provide free health insurance to eligible children that are born in the United States, whether or not their parents are registered citizens or not.

Compared to Medicaid, Medicare is not a free health insurance program, but rather a low cost social insurance scheme focusing on the senior citizens who require help in long term nursing and health care. Besides those aged 65 and above, people with certain disabilities or with end stage renal disease are eligible for the low cost Medicare medical insurance program to cover hospital bills, insurance coverage, and prescription medications.

Medicare eligibility is solely based on age and medical conditions; your income has no bearing on whether you can be admitted into the program. Individuals that qualify for both Medicaid and Medicare programs are known as Medicare dual eligibles.

Insure Kids Now

Health care expenses for young children can be especially draining on the family’s finances. Small children have poorer immunity and need frequent vaccinations and treatment for common illnesses such as colds, fevers and allergies etc. Teenagers also need plenty of periodic checkups to ensure they are growing up and maturing properly. That is why it is most common to find free health insurance for children to help offset the financial burden of working-class families.

Insure Kids Now is a nationwide program managed by the US Department of Health and Human Services to promote health care for the estimated 10 million of uninsured kids coming from low income families. Recently, Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced an additional billion will be made available for the Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (CHIPRA) to provide free or low cost medical insurance to millions of children nationwide.

For parents with uninsured children below 18 years of age, if your combined family income is below ,500 per annum, you are eligible to apply low cost of free medical insurance under the Insure Kids Now program. This covers any doctor visits, prescription drugs and hospitalization etc for your young children. You can enquire for more information at your neighborhood Wal-Mart, U.S. Postal Service or the local Social Security Administration etc.

Discount Health Plans

Although these are not exactly major medical health insurance, there are many such discount schemes available. If you join as a member, you will be entitled to significant discounts over medical services listed within that particular discouint health plan’s countrywide network. For example, you can get up to 40% off for general practitioner consultations, 50% off prescription drugs, 60% off laboratory tests etc. This can be another viable option, especially if you have been rejected from major medical insurance plans due to pre-existing health conditions and illnesses. Although such discount health plans are not exactly low cost medical insurance and the monthly membership fees are around per month, overall it is still cheaper compared to you paying for the full hospital bills from your own

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