How do I report this?

Question by A person: How do I report this?
Lets say someone with a brand new account asks “where can I find cheap car insurance?”

Someone with a brand new account answers the questions with “Hello dear, visit for cheap car insurance. It worked great for my family”

Then the asker writes: “wow! Thanks for that awesome link. is really good. I am going to sign up with that amazing site.”

There is like a 95% chance it’s the same spammer posting the questions and answer. Could I report it? Would Yahoo do anything?

Best answer:

Answer by Lex
You can report it by clicking “Report Abuse” at the lower right of the question box. Yahoo would likely remove the question and then a different ID would post the same thing. It never ends.

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4 comments to How do I report this?

  • No Splash Without Log

    LOL. I love that the first answer to your spam question was spam. I see it was already removed.

    Just hit the report button if you feel it was a violation and let the Yamster decide.

  • Fraggle

    Just click the Report Abuse button. You don’t need to type any details, but it falls under the heading of spam. also, it sounds like point gaming. Yahoo may or may not do anything about it, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

  • LoveMeLoveMeNot

    I don’t think they’d do anything. In fact, I did and they took points off for “illegitimate reporting”.

  • Yahzmin (US)

    You can report both question and answer as SPAM using the “report abuse” buttons.

    You can also report both of them (and others like them) more efficiently by using The Official Spammer Battle Thread on the Suggestion Board on the ABOUT tab above the green bar. There, you just post the LINK to EACH profile that is doing it – and staff will wipe them out. BUT – be sure you ONLY post people that are truly posting nothing but spam.

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