how does cordblood banking work? and what should i expect?

Question by jean: how does cordblood banking work? and what should i expect?
what are the pros and cons?

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Answer by Sweetness
it is very expensive and you will have to get a lot of blood drawn so they can make sure you don’t transfer any diseases to the placenta , and you have to fill out a 20 page booklet of all yours and your partners medical history, then they have people working there that take the placenta and draw the cord blood out of it, and it gets sent away… at the hospital my baby was born at they worked with a company where you could donate your babies cord blood for free and if your baby needs the cord blood you have first dibs….

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  • Mom of 2

    “How does cordblood banking work?”

    The cord blood is collected at birth. Just after the baby’s umbilical cord is clamped and cut, cord blood is drawn (simply, safely, painlessly) from the cord before it’s discarded. Then the blood is transferred by courier to a storage facility and preserved in a frozen state in case you ever want to retrieve it.

    “What are the pros?”

    The stem cells in cord blood can be preserved for potential life-saving treatments for the baby or other family members.
    Currently, stem cells are being used in transplant medicine to regenerate a patient’s blood and immune system after they have been treated with chemotherapy and/or radiation to destroy cancer cells.
    In the future, stem cells may also be used to improve the treatment of some of the most common diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s.
    Hopefully, there’s never a need for the blood, but storing it is a form of health insurance.

    “What are the cons?”
    Price. But there are discounts to be had like the $ 250 coupon at which mentions some other ways to reduce the cost as well.

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