How Term Life Insurance Can Protect Your Business and Family

Giving a thought about your business’s future is very important. There are a lot of things that should be considered aside from being successful in the industry. It might seem a far-fetched idea but you should think about what will happen to your company when you pass away or when suddenly, you become permanently disabled. 

If these happen, there are other concerns to think about such what to do with your shares, loans, business and agreements among others? Every business owners invests time, money and effort to make the company grow. Therefore, it is only proper to build safety nets to protect your business and family just in case unexpected events take place.  

Term Life Insurance

Even a small business is something that needs big attention.

For instance, the key employee insurance, a kind of term life insurance, is supposed to counteract the losses that a company must shoulder after a key person dies or gets permanently disabled. This kind of policy covers lost profits that is directly felt when this problem occurs. Consult with business insurance brokers on how this can be of help. 

Another reason why term life is better options as compared to whole life is that the latter is only beneficial if you are holding on to your business and your key employees for about 20 years or more. Business-specific insurances are way lot expensive and can dent the company’s finances. A lot of key employees would likely retire before they reach that mark. In addition, you will be paying 6-8 times more premiums if you settle for this type of insurance.  

Importance of the Coverage

Term life insurance can cover different aspects of the business: 

To allow liquidation of interest as well as use it for your family’s advantage;
The firm’s key employees and partners should be covered due to their importance in the company;
If you solely own the company, and if the plan is to put it up for sale it after your death, the business should still be managed until the deal closes. Having a term life insurance can provide the needed cash for operation during this time; and
If you have built the company with loans and all of your savings, your company will surely face a major financial problem after your death. However, they will not necessarily go through this trauma if you have prepared them well with the insurance policy that covers your business well. It should include paying off and fulfill financial obligations, mortgages and loans.

Professional Advice

Make sure that your business and your family are in the right place after your death by planning out your term life insurance carefully. It is necessary to discuss this with your lawyers, financial advisors, business insurance brokers as well as your family members. Moreover, a tax professional can also help in sorting out tax implications on the policies that you choose to have.


Kyle Clifford writes articles on life insurance. He has been working for business insurance brokers by providing clients with the information and guide that they need in choosing the best insurance policy for their companies.

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