If I am an excluded driver can I buy insurance with another company?

Question by online4now: If I am an excluded driver can I buy insurance with another company?

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Answer by Sloppy John
Yep, just have to find the right one, my families insurance dropped us after a bad couple of years (3 wrecks and a speeding ticket between 4 drivers) but after some searching we found a new provider

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4 comments to If I am an excluded driver can I buy insurance with another company?

  • Lynn

    yes, Progressive’s Drive program takes anybody – including my client with 5 speeding tickets and the one with two DUIs. Talk to your agent first. they may have an option for you. If he/she doesn’t call around and get quotes.

  • mbrcatz

    Yes, you can – but you’re STILL not covered while driving any car on the policy where you are excluded. And your other insurance, isn’t going to cover you while driving another vehicle in your household, or regularly available for your use, if you’re an excluded driver on the other policy.

    So what’s the POINT? You want to insure the car twice, on two different policies, one with you excluded, and one not?

  • A Yahoo! user

    The answer is probably NO.

    I guess we need more details.

    Who owns this car that you cannot drive because you are an excluded driver?

    Let’s assume the car is owned by another family member you live with, like your brother or your parents.

    You cannot buy insurance on a vehicle you do not own. You must have an “insurable interest.” If you do try to do this, you have the risk of the insurance company VOIDING the policy and refunding your premium after you have an accident, which is what they will do once they discover you have no insurable interest. (It’s one of the questions on the Application for Insurance,” so if you lie, you give the insurance company grounds to void the policy.)

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