If i have a fast food restaurant job, will that mess up my financial aids chance?

Question by whatever441: If i have a fast food restaurant job, will that mess up my financial aids chance?
cuz if i work then 2 members of my family work..out of 5..n someone told me that i would have bad credit..bad insurance..n no financial aid for college..i’m 16 n i just wanna work in a fast food restaurant. but am i still getting a finacnal aid if i work there

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Answer by Mrsashko
yes, you will still get a financial aid and possibly the work-study opportunity (government money)

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  • missp

    First and foremost lets debunk the bullsh!t someone told you…

    “Bad Credit” the only way you can have bad credit at this age is if your parents used your identity to get something on credit and didn’t pay it off besides that you should start off with NO credit…. and you could build that up w/ student or any other kind of loans, getting a free ride on your parents credit cards by getting added as a user, or getting your own credit card (**be very careful w/ those**)

    “Bad Insurance” most likely you either have goverment paid insurance (medcaid or AllKids or whatever state program is available to children) or insurance through your parents’ health insurance offered at their job either way you are covered until you are at least 19 and in some cases on work sponsered insurance plans unitl you are 24 if you are in school… check with your parents about that…. besides universities usually offer some kind of insurance for its students or you can go to your local department of health and ask about state/county sponsered health insurance for low income individuals (*since you will only be working at a fast food place*)

    “No Financial Aid” It depends on a lot of things…but your employment at a fast food place will be the least likely thing to affect it…. because of your age (and I’m assuming you don’t have any dependents aka kids) you will be considered a dependent of your parents and your financial aid will be determined off of their income until you have kids of your own or become 24 they also take into account your siblings/other dependents…the more kids your parents have the less money they have available for you translating into more aid … the only thing i would be careful about is saving money in a savings account under your name they figure that half of that should go towards your schooling so try to get it saved under you parents name if that is ok w/ you

    so take that job….enjoy your hard earned money… and since you going to be working at a fast food joint take the time out and find out which ones offer tuition reimbursement and how does it work (I know McDonald’s offers it)

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