Is Bush telling poor people, “All you have to do is pay your premium if you want health insurance” the same

Question by Neither Republican nor Democrat: Is Bush telling poor people, “All you have to do is pay your premium if you want health insurance” the same
as Marie Antoinette saying, “Let them eat cake”?
Ryan – I’ll bet your the type of person who would kick aside the homeless, mentally challenged vet living under a bridge begging for money outside of Krispy Kreme, with PTSS on your way to get your coffee and doughnuts.

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Answer by Ryan F

It’s the same as me saying: “Why the hell should I pay for your health care and my own just because you made bad choices?”

The reason communism doesn’t work is because people have no incentive to make the right choices because they know that if they screw up the government will bail them out… unless, of course, we all make bad choices (why should we make good ones?) and no one, not even the Government, has enough money to pay for health care…

No, because a veteran with PTSS didn’t MAKE BAD CHOICES! His circumstances are the result of his military service from which I, as a citizen, benefit… I’m talking about all the folks out there with ten illegitmate children, no job, no physical or mental deficiencies who’s only income comes from selling drugs and thier monthly welfare checks… Or the thousands upon thousands of illegal imigrants who get all the benefits of American society without any of the costs and then effectively export those benefits to their home countries…

You wanna know what type of person I am?… I am the type of person that is going to Mexico in less than one month for the fifth time in 7 years to build a dormatory for an orphanage in Matamoros… I am the head of my local church’s Mission Council who’s sole pupose is to find newer and better ways for my considerably wealthy church to spend it’s time and money helping the less fortunate… I donate ~5% of my income to the university I graduted from so that the university can give more scholarships to deserving students from low income families… I have spent more of my money “helping poor people” than you probably even have in your bank account and I’m tried of being called an “evil conservative” just because I think that I should be the one who determines how MY money should be spent helping people…

Sorry about the rant…

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  • Jeff S


  • nacsez

    no but its astonishingly similar to the mandated healthcare plans of the democrats….

    universal health care is NOT forcing people to buy insurance.

    to change health care, the insurance industry has got to get its dirty little money grubbing hands out of the soup.

  • Spock (rhp)

    you troll, you!!

    of course … maybe … sorta

    after all, it was President Bush who caved in to the greenies and got Congress to enact this stupid ethanol from corn scheme that has doubled [or more] the price of corn, wheat, and soybeans. Which means that the price of all meats, fish, fowl, milk, eggs, cheese, and sweeteners [corn syrup], plus all foods made from their products [flour, soy, etc.] are going up in the grocery stores.

    poor people usually think eating is more important than buying health insurance — after all, they already have health insurance of a sort …. just go to the ER and foist the bill off on local government by having no ability to pay.

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