Is it Difficult to Sell Insurance?

Question by CT: Is it Difficult to Sell Insurance?
I have an interview coming up next Tuesday at State Farm for selling policies. The pay will be commission for three months then 20000 salary plus commission after if I can sell 15 policies a month for the three months. The agent wants me to pay the $ 279 licensure fees & said he would reimburse me after. Does this sound normal or like I may be getting screwed? I don’t see why he doesn’t pay the $ 279. I don’t trust him. Should I look for other jobs?

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Answer by StephenWeinstein
For between 0% and 10% of everyone who tries to sell insurance, it is difficult. They keep trying for at least a year. That means that either (a) they are making money or (b), they are not making money, but they have some other way to support themselves while they struggle without making money.

For between 90% and 100% of everyone who tries to sell insurance, it is impossible. They have to quit in under a year, because they do not make any money.

You will probably not be able to sell 15 policies a month during the first three months. To sell 15 policies per month for three months, you would have to sell 45 total policies in your first free months, which is completely unrealistic, unless you have a very large family or wealthy friends who are willing to buy unneeded policies to help you. Newly licensed agents sell very few policies to anyone other than their friends and family.

Since you will probably not be able to sell 15 policies a month for the three months, you will probably not get the $ 20,000.

If you are able to sell any policies, then you should get the commission on those policies. However, this could be less than the $ 279.

Even you are not able to sell any policies, then you will get no money, and will lose the $ 279.

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  • Ginger

    Yes, this is normal. Why should someone invest in you to obtain a license when you haven’t proven what you’re capable of?

    Just like any education, that license is an investment in yourself, not the agent you are going to work for. You can leave and use that license anywhere and if the agent paid for it, he/she would be left out in the cold without anything to show for their investment.

    Finally, what insurance experience do you have? When you ask a question like, “Is it difficult to sell insurance?” It’s obvious you’re coming in without any experience. Why should this agent trust you to sell? If you don’t trust them and you don’t even know what selling insurance is like, you need to seek a job in another area.

    Additional Info: Of course the agent will expect you to sell to your family and friends. Primarily though, the principal agent will expect you to work with their existing book of business (which, as a State Farm Agent, will be thousands of policyholders) to sell the required life insurance policies. With the training program the State Farm agent will put you through, if you can’t sell 15 policies in one month with that kind of business and training to work with, well, you won’t work out.

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