McCain’s proposing an OPTIONAL FLAT TAX, that’s FAIR, do you like this idea?

Question by wwwwwwwwwww: McCain’s proposing an OPTIONAL FLAT TAX, that’s FAIR, do you like this idea?
If you earn more you pay more, if you earn less you pay less, and if you earn under a certain amount you pay nothing at all. If you have many “extenuating circumstances” you can opt for a simplified tax code with certain exclusions such as $ 7,000 per child exemption and $ 3000 family health insurance exclusion, etc.

Obama’s got a complex plan meant to confuse, but even a $ 30K income will pay $ 4,500 more than now even with his “tax credits” and b.s. because first he raises then he doles out trivial recompense.

His “required health insurance” plan is a FLOP in Mass where people have insurance but still can’t get care, attrition higher costs and low morale means you have a worthlesss paper card. You wait in line, wait for procedures, you may never get.
Those who pay no taxes now will pay no taxes with McCain.

MANY lower income people who don’t even have to file now will start to pay under an Obama dictatorship.
Bush is = Win/Finish War
McCain is better at this than Bush
Obama=Surrender then Return=more GI deaths more $ $
Bush’s rating is = 30%
Congress/Senate’s rating (dem) = 14%
Hillary = widely hated
Obama is = Corrupt Terrorist America-Hating Racist “Pet Africa” Funder and future crybaby in the Senate
McCain = Next President
Obama wants a 40% dividend tax, many elderly live off of dividends.

Obama wants a 28% capital gains tax (no exclusions), which means that your home equity goes to him when you sell.

Best answer:

Answer by wigginsray
what we need is a consumption tax. nothing else.

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  • Jimmy bean

    Flat/Fair tax is only “fair” for the rich.

    We have the same bills which means we need at least the same amount of money. If the rich pay less then who do you think will pay more. You don;t need to be a rocket scientist to know this.

  • NOBAMA 2008

    Flat tax has always been the fairest way to pay taxes. The only problem is that if we go to the flat tax there will be no need for such a large IRS. Since it will be a simple system there’s no need for all those IRS agents…

    I’m all for it!

    EDIT: Yasi077: Hillary becomes an independent and takes votes from Obama when Obama gets the nomination regardless if it’s official or not. If it’s not official….30% of her voters will go to McCain. If it is official, she steals votes from him anyway. Either way:

    Obama cannot win the presidency. Do the math people.

  • bootycat

    I like the idea of a flat tax, although fair tax would be much cooler.

  • William S

    A flat tax would be good if they closed all loopholes in the tax code.

  • Chuck G

    i’d have to sit down and figure out if I pay more or pay less to decide.

  • Retired

    Obama’s plan is so complex, he doesn’t even understand it.



    Come on sweetie. Don’t exagerate.

  • Al Gorythm

    A flat tax is too regressive. It will never fly. McCain knows that. This is just political posturing.

  • Anthony

    No, I don’t. Obama 2008

  • Cracker Jack

    good plan. i’m all for it.

  • tx_trotter95

    Any plan that leads to simplification of the tax code is a step in the right direction. However, until we elect a Congress that will stop spending, it’s really a moot point.

    And Yasi, your “cute” diatribe really wasn’t “cute” nor interesting the first time you posted it. Do you somehow believe it gets better each subsequent posting? Psst, it doesn’t.

  • kpk02

    I actually prefer the idea of a national sales tax and then exclude the necessities like food/power/heat. Then you are only taxed on what you spend, giving you more control over your own money.

    Of course people won’t like it because they will claim it hurts the poor. Well if you eliminate the tax from necessities then what’s the problem?

    Wouldn’t it be great to get a full 100% paycheck then only pay taxes as you go rather than getting a huge chunk of it chopped off automatically?

  • zorrotheliberator

    I like the idea of a flat tax, the countries who have adopted the flat tax are growing very well. What we should have is a flat tax across the board, everyone, every business, every entity should pay the same amount of flat tax on all sales and income, excluding charities. there should be no deductions and all subsudies should come to a end. Then you will see a truly free enterprise country and a economic boom. keep it simple and clean

  • TheEmporer'sNewClothes

    A simple consumption tax would take care of the problem. Way to easy for the crooks that wish to confuse us and run us in circles.

    Like Obama for one.

    Yes, his plans for health care are metaphoric for what you will get under his hand.
    He’s nieve …and out to lunch on the reality of truth here. Obama that is.

    McCain’s approach is pudding for the roaches. When they swarm to his swill, he will treat them to the bottom of his soul, and pluck the pudding for himself and his dirty ball friends and supporters.

  • pacific storm

    I’m for consumption tax – pay tax only when you spend money.

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