My former mother in law wants to claim my children on her tax return. How can I stop the harassment?

Question by .: My former mother in law wants to claim my children on her tax return. How can I stop the harassment?
My former mother in law thinks I should let her claim my children as dependents on her tax return as well as claim their exemption. I told my former mother in law HELL NO! After all the crap you put me through last year, your lucky I even let my children talk to you. This woman is unbelievable.

At my husbands wake, she said and I quote, “When am I going to get MY 50%, of MY sons life insurance.” I told her then and there she only getting 10%, and the rest was for me and MY children. She exploded with anger, and told me that she would sue me for her 50%. He didn’t give it to her, because we have I have 3 children.

Then in December of 2009, she tried to get custody my children. She claimed I was keeping her from seeing them. When in actuality I had made 7 offers in 2009, for her to come here to AZ to see my children. Plus I had records of me sending emails, pictures, and correspondence between me and my former mother in law. Heck I even offered to pay for flight, hotel, and a rental car, and each time she said, “Bring my grandchildren here.” Well that was not going to happen. My son is in year round school, and my twin girls are to little to travel.

Besides that, I have 2 jobs, and I’m going to school myself. Oh did I also mention that on monday she informs me in an email, that she’s going to be put on permanent disability, and she expects me to pay off her $ 37,000 of debt? Because she says “I’m greedy with HER sons money.” My former mother in law received $ 40,000 last February, and that was more then enough money to pay off her debts. Why does she think she gets more?

Now it’s her “brilliant” plan to ask me to claim my children on her tax return. That’s never going to happen. UGH! I am so tired of her! How can I stop her from harassaing me? I the ONLY reason why I allow her contact with me is because of my children. I want her to have a relationship with them, but it’s getting to the point, that I don’t want her to have any communication with me or my children.

I need help please.
My former mil does not my childrens ssn. all she knows is their birthdates.

Oh I’ve been saving the communication between her, and me for years. The judge in the custody case advised me to not allow her access to my children. It came out in court, that the only reason why she took me to court in the first place, was to gain control of my childrens trust funds and my retirement accounts and college fund.

She’s a greedy hag! Heck, in her complaint she even wanted child support. Never gonna happen. I’ve got my ducks in a row!

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Answer by bronzebabekentucky
Get a lawyer to draft up a letter saying she is to cease and desist from bothering you. Then, go file your taxes with your kids, and tell the tax people she is planning to file with them on her taxes. She will be audited.
Don’t give her a dime, and if you can get a restraining order. Tell her when she acts like a real HUMAN, you will drop the restraining order. You don’t need her, nor can she do anything to you.

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  • Journeyman

    Wow.. she sounds bipolar. Well she can’t do anything you don’t allow her to do so there is no real issue concerning the taxes. Just go ahead and have your taxes done with your kids on them. When she calls tell the money grubbing hag to go to hell she wont get anything ever again from you and if she continues to harass you that you will file charges against her.
    Here’s something to bare in mind. Anytime someone takes you to court you need to always have documented proof supporting your side. If you have caller ID on your phone and know its her calling before the conversation starts tell her you recording the conversation. This may even detour her from even calling you BUT the clincher here is you need proof you went to the police to file harrassment charges. This shows you took the correct & legal steps to stop her messing with you.

  • Auntie Mame

    Just ignore her.

    She has no right to any of the life insurance money, give her nothing. The money was to provide for his wife and children. Not to be a windfall for his mother!

    If she takes this to court, the court will require her to pay court costs and your lawyer when she looses.

    The IRS will fine her and hopefully some jail time for willful income tax fraud when it finds the same children on both her and your returns. Let the IRS at her!

  • e_d_ellis2004

    First off, my condolences on the loss of your husband. Being a widow is hard. Being young widow is harder and being a young widow with young children is the worst. Keep your head up.

    As for your sociopathic mother in law: Say this: “If you choose to claim my children as dependents on your tax return, I can’t stop you. However, I will report you to the IRS and once they realize that you falsified a tax return, you’ll be in big trouble.” That should knock the wind out of her sails.

    As for the rest of the harassment, your former m-i-l sounds like she was insanely jealous of you. Some women really can’t tolerate not being the number one woman in their son’s life. My advice? Allow psycho-grandma to communicate with the children via cards, letters, and emails but temporarily end verbal communication. The last thing your children need after having lost a parent is to put up with a selfish, immature old woman who is supposed to care about their feelings but doesn’t.

    Good luck.

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