No Medical Exam Life Insurance ? Life Insurance Plan Classification

Most of the time, as you search online to have life insurance policy you come across of different advertisements on no medical exam life insurance. And usually, you feel these ads are trying to rip off. Well, it’s really possible to have life insurance with no medical exam. There are some options offered by insurance companies which are just a click away in your computer. You only have to check the terms and conditions and eligible criteria that will fit you.

To get no medical exam life insurance, you need to answer sets of questionnaire with regards to your gender, age, with the online application for the proposed insurance plan. You also need to submit the info about your health information and status. After submission, the online agent of an insurance company will examine and asses the questionnaire and decide if you are eligible to acquire life insurance without medical exam.

Though it is not sure and nobody can be assured about the eligibility in terms of the policy, you need to be perfectly fit and young so you can avail the same.

Usually, people who are healthy and young can easily qualify in no medical exam life insurance. You have to keep in mind, while you submit information and answer the questionnaire, always try to be true and honest. When you try to give wrong info and therefore try to mislead, this can be the reason for the company to deny your application.

Once you completed the formality of submission and when you happened to comply with the condition and become legible applicant for the life insurance without medical exam then further procedure is simple.

You can pay the insurance premium form for the credit card with the use of online transaction and have printed copy for the insurance policy with no medical exam for the records.

Life Insurance Policy Classification

Standard Life Insurance – known as the permanent life insurance plan. This package offer coverage for insured person whole life insurance plan.

Term Life Insurance – known as the temporary insurance plan. This name implies policies in short term coverage. Purchasing this kind of plan can also be less expensive.

Most of the time no medical exam life insurance offer under term life insurance, thus, these kind of insurance plans are really less expensive with about $ 300 per month for 15 years 1,500,000 dollars coverage. The rates being offered by this kind of insurance plan remains constant through life insurance policies duration. It gives tremendous benefit as the policy is in effect and your health begins to deteriorate or you always feel sick.


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