People who say they can’t afford to pay for healthcare….?

Question by Angelina: People who say they can’t afford to pay for healthcare….?
Do you have car payments? Do you own a computer? Do you have a flat screen television? Do you go to the movies and eat out?
I am sick of people who say “we can’t afford to pay for family health insurance”
When the truth is they don’t WANT to pay for it
$ 2,000 tv’s can pay health premiums for a few months
$ 350. car payments can cover some of that monthly fee
$ 1,000 computers can also add up
get the point? Who agrees?

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They can afford a black berry and expensive shoes

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28 comments to People who say they can’t afford to pay for healthcare….?

  • Caribou "QUIT" Barbie™


    Some operations cost up to the $ 100,000. Please stop.

  • Beachgirl

    I agree.

    Kissme Swine flu- What do mean that she has no idea the life of an average American? As for myself, I’m far from rich and I’m am average American. Enlighten me please.

  • Freedom!

    I agree. Thank you.

  • Kiss me I have Swine Flu

    Typical republican. You have no idea how average Americans lives.

  • Steve

    I get the point. We should forego every other technological, quality-of-life advantage of living in the world’s richest society so we can pay for healthcare.

    Bad point.

  • Fresh Princess

    Well those people are idiots..
    but that don’t mean that there aren’t people who ACTUALLY can’t afford health care.

  • Mrs.Wallin

    A lot of people really can’t afford to pay for health care. How do you know they have/do all those things? I worked in a medical clinic and witnessed a lot of poverty. We had something called a Sliding Scale where the patients paid based on their income. They had to bring in some kind of proof of their income and it’s really sad how much poverty is my town. Of course I did witness the other end of the spectrum too. The welfare moms driving Cadillacs. That really pissed me off.

  • 神威 楽斗

    Disagree. People don’t buy flatscreens every few months. Vehicles are often a necessity, and people don’t buy computers every other month. You’re suggesting that neglecting to buy some TVs or Computers will pay for your health insurance for life. It won’t even scratch the surface.

  • g

    you have a point to a degree…

    but the problem is, health insurance is more than most of that stuff… and even if they gave up all that stuff… they would still have a hard time paying for it…

    many people who don’t have care have pre-existing conditions and can’t afford outrageous insurance costs… all that stuff you mention, not a drop in the bucket…

    I have insurance, but I understand the situation of other people…

  • sage

    this fine gentlemen says it better than I ever can. there is also a part 2.

  • Kenny

    I disgree,You are very misinformed
    private health care is very expensive in the US which is why even people that are considered staunch middle class can’t afford understand this is a capitalist economy if private health care was affordable then we would have each of us insured therefore it is a fact that 40 million of us are still uninsured and we need health insurance for them as quickly as possible

  • Pat

    Some day, little girl, you will be a grownup.
    And then you’ll see.

  • cgi

    You are right I don’t want to pay for health insurance unless I need it. And I sure as hell don’t want the government health insurance. And no i don’t have car payments or a fancy tv.

  • The Zeitgeist

    Are you forgetting, or simply ignoring the millions of Americans who would LOVE TO pay for health insurance but cannot get covered because they are lepers, I mean have a “pre-existing condition” ???

    Besides that, do you realize that health insurance can cost up to $ 10,000 per year per person?

    Thus, a family of 4 would be paying $ 40,000 per year for coverage!

    That’s the equivalent of 2 new cars, 2 new TVs and 4 new computers, all in cash, every year!

    Kinda makes your argument moot, doesn’t it?

  • John

    I agree a little. Some people could afford, but there are some who really can’t/ What is the point of buying insurance when they refuse to cover you because they are greedy. Our current system needs to be improved a lot.

  • David Mesirow

    The problem with your question is that some people can’t afford to pay for the things you mention.

  • Sean

    Well maybe in your neighborhood everyone has all these thing, but where I come from those things are rare.

  • Kever

    You’ve never left your nice little middle class suburb, have you dear. I pray that one day you’ll find out about the big bad world. I hope you can cope.

  • Rich

    It makes no difference, you don’t want the government in your life. Their already in your wallet. They want more from everybody to satiate their own lust.

  • Sageandscholar

    Do you really believe people living on minimum wage have new cars and flat screen tvs?

    This sort of “let them eat cake” attitude is killing Republicans.

  • kaybee

    I disagree b/c you are generalizing. Yes some people are complete retards about their money but that doesn’t mean we all are. I’m almost 22, I have no car payments, my rent is cheap b/c i live at home so that’s only 300 a month ina city so i’m damn lucky. I have a laptop but it was my high school graduation present. I don’t have cable b/c I can watch stuff on my computer, and I don’t pay for wireless b/.c I can get it free if go to public places. I have a phone that I pay 60 a month for b/c it’s essential for work, personal, and etc. I work fulltime but my biweekly paycheck is 600. so 600-300 is 300. minus 60 for phone and 60 for car insurance i have 180 dollars. that goes toward food and paying my student loans…which i still can’t even cover with that remaining. I also have medical bills b/c I got injured in USMC boot camp trying to better my situation. not to mention the cost of textbooks or out of pocket expenses required for me to finish my degree. going to the movies or eating out is a treat that usually gets stuck on a credit card. and god forbid i need new clothes for work. so seriously….think before you ask. we’re not all useless. i was lucky to have a family to help me out a little and lucky to get into college and lucky to have health insurance the duration of me being in school. but even then it’s not always enough. i’d love to know i have that security. but frankly, i can’t afford it.

  • The Nonpareil

    I agree ……..Also if you run up $ 750,000 in medical bills from a hospital and a collection agency comes after you for the money…….you are only legally obligated to pay something toward that bill.
    Therefore……if you owe $ 750,000 in medical bills and tell them you can only afford to pay them back 10 dollars monthly…….you are only obligated to keep paying 10 dollars mothly until, theoretically, the entire bill is paid off.
    Bottom Line… got massive health care bills ? …..get them off your back by telling them you can only afford to pay 10 dollars monthly but just don’t stop making that 10 dollar monthly payment

  • haromelissa

    Well it depends, what about the single parents out there, people need a car to get to work, maybe the tv was a gift, but who wants to pay for something that they don’t use all the time. Health care is not cheap and it doesn’t cover what they need, have u even looked at the quotes? you prob. have insurance through work,but i bet if u didn’t u wouldn’t waste ur money on it ether, and there are lots of people that cant afford to get health insurance, maybe they don’t have a job, or they got fired. So no I don’t agree with u.

  • kreekatt

    many people can not afford to pay for auto insurance and still buy food,
    so next time you are driving and some uninsured motorist hits you, puts you in the hospital and you have to pay a premium, your plan does not cover everything you loose 6 months of work and can not make all the house, credit, and basic living payments just blame a liberal.

    some stats say 40 to 60% of foreclosures are due to medical problems.

    you act like the majority are living beyond their means, which would put the majority who are uninsured in the group.

    my dad has cancer and with good insurance he pays hundreds for his meds.

    the system is geared toward making few big money, do you like the idea of paying 30% of premiums to go to the wealthy, with your help they can buy a new boat or summer home.

    stop supporting the rich, they have constiantly failed us.

  • Jonathan R

    My wife and I have 4 cars that are paid for, and the newest is a ’99 Astro AWD that my wife drives in the winter and to dog shows or when she needs the room. She drives a ’97 Odyssey (the first generation one with the 4 cylinder motor) otherwise. The oldest is an ’87 BMW 325 that still runs great and doesn’t have much rust, so why get something else? It’s even cheap to insure and gets decent mileage. I also drive a rusty ’91 Bronco in the winter (4 wheel drive) and for hunting trips and such where I need the offroad capability or the towing or cargo ability, but I don’t drive it when it isn’t useful because the milage sucks. We have a couple TVs, and the newest, biggest one is a hand-me-down from a relative that we got an HD converter box for. My computer is an older P4 that is still fast enough to run the programs I need it to. We eat out some, but not all that often, and we go to Blockbuster a lot more often than the movie theater. Although you didn’t mention it, we have some nice furniture, including a leather reclining couch that we got off CraigsList for $ 150. Most of the rest is a similar story. We have health insurance and even manage to pay ahead on our mortgage pretty consistently, which is the only significant debt we have. I also worked my @$ $ off through college to get an engineering degree, and it took 7 years because I was working while I went to school.

    For comparison, we had some neighbors who always had relatively new cars (maybe 3-5 years old at the most) and didn’t take care of them, so they kept dying and being replaced. Two were lost to accidents (one of which was because an irrisponsible relative was allowed to borrow it) and one because they never bothered to change the oil and the engine siezed. They also had a lot brand new leather furniture that they bought new. They lasted less than three years before they moved, and after they were gone we found out that they had everything on payment plans that they stopped paying on when they moved.

    There are people out there who have been given a tough situation because of a chronic illness, injury or handicap (mental or physical), but for most other people it’s all about priorities and managing money intelligently. We have a somewhat wealthy relative that once in a while gives us nice stuff, but most of what we have we worked hard for and saved up until we could afford. We also didn’t buy the biggest fanciest house we could afford, and that helped a lot when money was tight. All I’m saying is that I’m not all that special, so if I can do it most other people can too.

  • john Galt

    It is not about healthcare. It is about The fools that are trying to take over this country and the other fools that are too stupid to see that they are pawns. Pawns always get sacrificed along the way.

    There has been a continuous move to destroy all that is good. They enforce the laws they want because it benefits them and not enforce the laws they don’t want because it benefits them. They allow the illegals to come and overwhelm the system and when they are given amnesty, they will be a great addition to the have nots. the uneducated that can be manipulated to support the communist goals.

    They have been ruining the education system and turning out idiots, dropout and indoctrinate freaks. It is a good thing some have enough sense to evade the abuse by government schools.

    They are actively misinterpreting the constitution.

    Oh, the fools think this government is so honest and have their best interest at heart. What could possible be wrong with a law requiring you to carry insurance. You may only have to deal with whether to berak the law and eat, or starve. It may do this country good to get what the fools want. Then they will see what they lost. USSR saw it.

  • J.D.

    So, what you are saying, is that, in your opinion, americans should work long, hard hours just to pay for health insurance. Forget the American Dream and all of that malarkey….. If your employer doesn’t offer health insurance (like so many that don’t these days), You need to spend every dime you make to buy private health insurance IN CASE you get sick. Let me tell you something, there are PLENTY of hard working americans that DON’T own a computer, DON’T pay a car payment (or have a car for that matter), DON’T have a $ 2,000 dollar TV, Can’t afford to go to the movies or out to eat, or, can’t afford to feed their kids period because they have to pay rent…… What I gather from your post, is that your views are “It’s not my fault if they are poor, I shouldn’t have to help pay to ensure they can get medical treatment….. I work in a hospital, and I see first hand everyday the effects of not knowing how you are going to pay this bill or that one, and to have medical bills piled on top…… You need to get over yourself, and your conservative “as long as it’s not me” attitude and try to show some compassion. GET THE POINT???

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