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Prudential has been in business since 1875, when it was founded by John Fairfield Dryden. Originally known as the Prudential Friendly Society, Prudential’s mission was to provide affordable life insurance for working-class citizens. The company prides itself on its financial strength, affordability, and customer service. Reviews of this company are generally very positive. Prudential offers several types of life insurance, including term, variable, universal, and survivorship. If you would like to learn more about the cost of Prudential insurance, the company offers Prudential life insurance online quotes right from the company website.

The first thing you need to decide before purchasing life insurance from Prudential is whether you need permanent or term life insurance. Unlike permanent life insurance plans, term life insurance only provides coverage for a certain amount of time.

Should you die during this period, your dependents will receive death benefits. If, however, you die after the expiration date, the company is not obligated to pay anything.  These plans also do not accumulate cash value. Prudential offers three types of term life plans: Term Essential, Term Elite, and PruLife Return of Premium Term. Availability might vary by state, however. Find out how much these plans will cost by looking at the Prudential life insurance online quotes available on the website.

Prudential also offers several options for those who wish to purchase permanent life insurance. This type of insurance plan will provide lifelong protection. You can choose from a universal, variable, or survivorship plan. Universal plans include PruLife Universal Protector, and PruLife Universal Plus. Universal plans offer the ability to tailor the plan to your needs to selecting your premium amount. Look at Prudential life insurance online quotes to see your choices.

You can also choose from one of several death benefit options.
Variable plans put your money in your hands by allowing you to invest money in several different investment options. Unlike a universal plan, your cash value will not be guaranteed. This means that you could potentially increase your cash value, but you could also end up reducing your death benefit. This type of plan is both flexible and risky. The last type of plan available, survivorship, provides coverage for two people and pays a death benefit after both have died. This type of plan is often used to ease the burden of estate taxes. To look at Prudential life insurance online quotes, you can visit the Prudential website or that of a third-party insurance broker.

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