Q&A: AutoOne Insurance (a One Beacon Co.) is denying Claims when it was 100% the fault of their driver. Help?

Question by PinoyPolitico: AutoOne Insurance (a One Beacon Co.) is denying Claims when it was 100% the fault of their driver. Help?
This has been a frustrating case and learned a few things in the process. I should have put this through State Farm as I have maximum coverage but believed that since the accident was 100% the other parties fault that this would not be an issue. Well, it is as while I chose not to go to the ER having worked in one, a very decent physician whom is on staff at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center ordered a full MRI, even though I suggested an x-ray, but was in so much pain that an attending (not someone whom rents space, prescribed Percocet, which I learned was a powerful pain medication). The One Beacon, Auto One Insurance company based in NY, has stated that they do not believe that the lower back MRI was necessary and sent out an investigator, will not pay for the car rental (I rented a $ 26.00 a day rental) and believe that they do not need to back out from my private insurance the fee. The supervisor stated that this woman has “poor people’s insurance” 15/30/15 and this has been a nightmare. They want to settle for US$ 2500.00 and fortunately I have the means to pay for broken glasses and other fees, yet they set the terms. i have never experienced anything like this in my lifetime. No lawyer (I checked with a close family friend, whom was honest) is wanting to take a case when the insured has only 15K in total liability as the MRIs were $ 10,000. They just want to close this case but I know by CA law that I have up to two years, If I must, I will pay for the rental and sue the insured as she is a California person. If anyone has real advice, I would be grateful. Thank you.
I had been in an accident before and never had a problem. It is impossible for me to expect State Farm to get involved at this late date. I spoke with the auto body shop today and may charge (and this is not easy but necessary) $ 650.00 for the rental car on my Visa and then since the woman whom forgot her license in a boutique (thanks BH cops), has the state minimum of US$ 15K. I do not want pain and suffering. I am an honest fellow whom had the other insurance company take 100% responsibility. No lawyer including family advisers would touch this as there is no money in it as according to Auto One whom insured her 2002 Lexus “she has poor person’s insurance.” If you have any other suggestions, they would be appreciated. I am born in the USA, just using this screen name, as my job has been offshored to the Philippines.
Actually, I am using my U.S. account, as I thought so slash the last sentence.

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Answer by BigD
Since you have “full” coverage, call State Farm and have them subjugate the claim. This is why insurance companies have a subjugation department filled with lawyers.

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2 comments to Q&A: AutoOne Insurance (a One Beacon Co.) is denying Claims when it was 100% the fault of their driver. Help?

  • entidtil

    Why are you fighting with the other company? Let State Farm do that. I would simply file a claim with my own insurance company and let them and their many lawyers work it out with the other insurance company. Your own company often will treat you better anyway. You say you have maximum coverage with State Farm. Use it !

  • mamaflutey

    Seek advice of an attorney

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