Q&A: Do you fully expect that the President (regardless of party) will sometimes lie to the American people?

Question by Lamplighter: Do you fully expect that the President (regardless of party) will sometimes lie to the American people?
Either by commission or omission?

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Answer by cowboydanimal
nope. its always a personal choice. then again, they could always defer the question.

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17 comments to Q&A: Do you fully expect that the President (regardless of party) will sometimes lie to the American people?

  • bmulek2000

    YES!!! And I hope they DO!!!! I don’t want to know everything that they do. If they lie I hope its in the best of the USA

  • Quack Quack

    They always lie. The biggest lies are the promises they make just to get you to vote for them.

  • peanuthead

    Yes. I mean he’s not a God…..he’s just doing the best he can with the information given. Being president isn’t a state of perfection.

  • Robert K

    If you want truth, study philosophy, not politics

  • Army Dirt mover

    I would greatly prefer that more US government officials learn to keep their mouths shut and just do the right thing.

  • What?

    That is their job. They tell you what you want to hear and they do whatever they have pending on the agenda.

  • Kiker

    History has shown this to be a simple fact of life.
    Sometimes I believe it is appropriate only if it follows my ‘prudent person’ rule.
    That being that if it can be assumed that a prudent person could arrive at the same conclusion, that the execution of said lie, prevented the harm or maltreatment of members of this society or the society as a whole; than the lie is needed.

  • Sarah M

    Of course. All politicians lie.

  • Quinn22

    Yes, I lied to my wife this morning when I told her l liked her outfit.

  • Gabriela

    the Presidents, ALL OF THEM have been lying to us since the beginning of time.We simply have the right to choose who gets to tell us the lies.

  • c.barla

    Of course. Think about it. Theres probably plenty we sleep better at night not knowing. For example, the Cuban missile crisis.Would you have really wanted to know how close we were to nuclear war? Or how, exactly, that stain got on Monica’s dress? I don’t even want to think about that one.

  • rabble rouser


    And I would rather have them lie about BJ’s than WMD’s…

  • Sky

    SOMETIMES lie?

    How about ALL the time…L-I-E?

    My god…! Wake up! lol


    They do it all the time when they campaign to vote, when they hold office, and when they are caught with their pants down.

    *Sometimes* is really wishful thinking…

  • Bubba

    Sure all of them do, but some get caught and some don’t.

  • About soMEone

    “Politics makes strange bedfellows.” Good question, Mr. Lamplight! On total agreement, you and I bat about a 120. But I must say, I’ve always respected both your reserve and general judgment.

    On this one, though, I have a tangential response. (Wow! Notify the press!!)

    Through the Clinton years, I really wondered why so many people, involved in lawsuits against them, died an early death. I never much liked Bush Sr, though his persuasion to unite the world against the unjust invasion of Kuwait bore testament to his talent. Reagan was just too likable to dismiss, not to mention the fact that much of my family hails from places near Dixon, IL. So, I related to him and still do.

    Okay, there’s the background. Here’s the punch.

    I don’t think any recent president is the real culprit. They undergo far too much scrutiny in their path to initial nomination, the election and finally into office.

    What I honestly DO feel genuine misgivings about (and you’ve seen my comments on this) are those very powerful players who are NOT elected; nor in any way, adjudged by the collective conscience of the nation.

    First among those is: The Media.

    They are neither liberal nor conservative, though each side thinks they tend to favor the other. They are “agenda-driven”.

    The lies we see are more likely a convolution of facts and statements ‘mis-stated’ by those media giants. Why?

    Because: If people like you and I (who tend to disagree more than we agree) get pish’t off enough to agree and unite against the establishment, then things change. The proverbial “They” in this equation do NOT want that… not under any circumstances. And so, they do all that is necessary to keep us at one another’s throats.

    Their out-of-context, incomplete, inaccurate “news”, in the form we finally get it, coerces our emotions to polarize. We argue NOT against the government, specifically, but against “parts” of that government, based on our (brainwashed) opinions of them.

    Tell me you haven’t heard:

    “The war in Iraq is against terror.”
    “It’s only about oil!”
    “Bush lied about WMD’s.” (Presidentially pronounced: Whoopin’s of Ass Destruction)
    “We all suspected he had them! Besides, the Dems voted for the war, too.”

    “Universal health care is socialism.”
    “European nations have it and they’re democratic.”
    “Many Asian nations have better health care than the U.S., yet it’s cheap enough to afford without insurance.”
    “Only elitists would deny the poor a visit to a doctor.”

    Boy oh boy, does it go on forever!

    Finally, my answer to your question (given that preparatory substrate) is this: I don’t think many would go beyond the “white lie” to protect himself/herself. But – and assuming we ever got so honest a president that lies were impossible – regardless of the presidents convictions, the “agenda-driven media” will convince us as necessary to think that “OUR” guy/lady would NEVER lie. But that the other side can’t tell the truth.

    Oh. By the way, the “second” of those culprits – very powerful players who is/are not elected – is the Supreme Court.

    Again, it isn’t that I believe they have no conscience. But in their case, they’re simply too insular and unconnected to any world beyond legal theory. That concern has been trumpeted by both Democrats and Republicans.

    Funny, huh? How it feels so nice when we finally agree with our enemies?

    You GO! Bro!

  • buffy

    yes, definitely
    its politics – impossible to be honest in politics

  • LadyZania

    They do, but they shouldn’t! *sm*

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