Q&A: Does progress mean being gullible?

Question by O-baa-ma: Does progress mean being gullible?
I’m a little confused, so I hope the liberals can help me out here.
Like man-made global warming. I was a skeptic and was therefore told that I hate science and progress.
Well if you know anything about science, like quantum physics, which was “discovered” roughly 100 years ago, you know the debate is never over. So I don’t hate science.
And since after all the fudging of the data, as well as the fact that Mars is warming at a similar rate to Earth, it seems very likely that we’re warming due to solar variance.


Seems like some healthy skepticism kept us from being needlessly taxed….again.

Then I get told I hate progress because “45,000 die without health insurance.” Okay, if you stop being sheep and see what they did there, they never said “because…”
See, way more die WITH health insurance. In fact, here’s an interesting study:

“The possibility that no one risks death by going without health insurance may be startling, but some research supports it. Richard Kronick of the University of California at San Diego’s Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, an adviser to the Clinton administration, recently published the results of what may be the largest and most comprehensive analysis yet done of the effect of insurance on mortality. He used a sample of more than 600,000, and controlled not only for the standard factors, but for how long the subjects went without insurance, whether their disease was particularly amenable to early intervention, and even whether they lived in a mobile home. In test after test, he found no significantly elevated risk of death among the uninsured.”

See that? No elevated risk of death among the uninsured?

Do I want costs to be brought down? Of course. And the Republicans have a great plan to do so.

But am I denying progress because I’m not a sheep who believes everything I’m told, but instead thinks critically?

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2 comments to Q&A: Does progress mean being gullible?

  • Phoenix Wright

    HOLD IT!

    The issue with global warming is that people may be able to do something about it, and some people don’t want to, therefore it becomes politicized between people who do want to do something about it and those who don’t.

    Compared to relativity, where technology is nowhere near ready to fully utilize it, global warming is much more capable of being addressed by our current technology levels.

    Personally I don’t care, because green technology also tends to be efficient in energy use, and it will become moot at one point or another once fusion energy can finally be used. It’s cheap, clean, and efficient!

  • consrgreat

    I thought it meant something like that…but I was figuring it meant more like blind following SHEEP

    And to the UNINFORMED who LIES about the FACTS here they are

    Nov 2006 BEFORE Pelosi and her mob elected….12222
    Pelosi and her crew try and deliberately stall the economy JAN 2012 Obama take the THRONE….price…10120…..
    When the Obamanation came into office the price was 10120…NOT 7000

    Gas prices…GW before Pelosi…..2.11 AFTER…$ 4.12…..GW Opens the Ocean to drilling….over the DEMS OBJECTIONS…$ 1.61….Obama takes office…prices on the rise again….

    Please the only “typical” person here is you a libby LYING YOUR TAIL OFF

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