Q&A: How can I find a life insurance policy someone held?

Question by Vivian: How can I find a life insurance policy someone held?
My brother recently passed away. I found a life insurance policy that was one month old and worth nothing. I keep finding money order receipts that say”Life Insurance” that are dated way before the one I found but I cannot locate any paperwork. Is there any way to find out if he did have another insurance. I am stuck with the burial costs and can’t afford to pay them.Thanks for your help.

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Answer by mbrcatz
You will have to become legal executor or administrator of his estate, through a court, in order to get the authority to search any further.

Also, if he named someone besides you as beneficiary, you’re STILL stuck with the burial costs.

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New York Skyline – June 1913

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3 comments to Q&A: How can I find a life insurance policy someone held?

  • Flower

    Call the insurance company on the policy you found and see if there are others that are paid up and named someone as beneficiary. Hopefully that person will pay the burial costs.

    If you cannot pay the burial cost, and you dont claim his body the county or city will claim it, and it will either go to medical scientific research or they may bury him in a city cemetery but you would not know.

    I hope you find some way to pay for it. There are ways to save on costs like buying a casket from the manufacturer, or buying a plot from a private party.

  • Shaun M

    Check out the website for the Medical Information Bureau or MIB. Under the heading Consumers, there is a link to find lost life insurance. You’ll have to print this form and send it to them and they will search for you. If you are not able to order the report, they will help you figure out who can. This service does cost $ 75. I found a lot of articles about this online and most of them say that before you resort to paying someone you should do some searching on your own. Here’s a good article to start with: http://www.ehow.com/how_5090900_life-insurance-policy-deceased-relative.html
    Good luck.

  • rjones0856

    Similar perspective, somewhat further out, in 2001:


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