Q&A: Is Liberty National Life Insurance is a good company to work for?

Question by geopinky: Is Liberty National Life Insurance is a good company to work for?
Ok, like a few days ago i’ve scheduled an interview with National Life Insurance company and was really excited ’bout workin’ there until today, but tomorrow (8/05/09) i have my interview…anyways, while i was making some more researches about the company so that i could present my questions to the interviewer (u know when he/she will ask me if i have any questions…) and then i stumbled upon some acclaimed Liberty National Life Insurance “scams”…u know how people can be HORRIBLE on the internet. so anyways people (customers or employees, especially EX employees) were saying really bad stuff about the company. Like, LNL insurance doesn’t pay people fairly, and that if you just wanna buy a pair of shoes to wear then it’s a “fitted” company to work for, and all the bad things u could imagine…in fact, the ex employees were really crucial about the company.
So now, i’m really nervous about working for them you know? I mean what if what those ppl are telling the truth and that i’m just heading toward god knows what?! What if i get the job and realize then that everything that was being said on the internet was true? What if they don’t pay me fairly? or i don’t know….
All of this has gotten me very frustrated…so if any of u guys can be any help with reliable sources, or just helpful suggestions would be more than great!
Thankx and oh lol i didn’t realized i wrote so much…sorry ’bout that though….

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Answer by Evolution Of Wealth
If you are going to work for a life insurance company why not work for the biggest or the best. You could go work for Prudential, MetLife, John Hancock, MassMutual, Guardian, NY Life. What made you pick Liberty National? Did you interview with other companies? If you want to be the best in an industry work at the best. What will working at a smaller company do for you? In time you’ll probably end up at the larger company anyways. They should all pay about the same except the larger companies will probably have more resources available. If you want more specific advice just ask. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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  • seminoleforlife

    You should try going to ripoffreport.com if you haven’t already. There are a lot of employees and ex-employees on there. If you see people complaining about a company, believe what they are saying. Sometimes they are disgruntled for one reason or the other, but give them the benefit of the doubt.

    I do agree with the previous poster. Work for a company that will pay you salary plus commission. The quotas are higher but go for it.

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