Q&A: Parent’s insurance policy?

Question by : Parent’s insurance policy?
Here’s the deal. I was pulled over last night and the officer didn’t give me a citation for what I did, but he did give me this “no proof of insurance” deal.

I handed the officer my insurance card, but it was expired. He allowed me to drive home instead of impounding my car, since this is my first offense.

I talked to my mom and she told me that I was covered under the insurance we had. We have four cars and ALL of them are insured.

Here’s the twist, I was driving the car that my name wasn’t under, but shouldn’t I be able to drive any of the cars my family owns? I’m currently under the truck, but I was driving the sedan instead that night. So technically I should be covered on all four vehicles, correct?

Sorry about this being a little bit too long, but thank you for your input!

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Answer by inimyaudi
you’re covered- and should just have to provide VALID proof that the vehicle you’re driving was covered at the time you were pulled over. Valid proof would be the new, unexpired- your carrier should be able to provide a replacement as well. Hopefully your parents didn’t let the insurance lapse!

when it comes to auto insurance, the policy applies to the car, not the driver. not really sure what the issue is…

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  • Tom Z

    Your thinking is correct. While the insurer might assign a vehicle for rating purposes (normally the highest rated vehicle) you are allowed to drive any vehicle that is on the policy.

    Some jurisdictions will give you a citation just for the fact that you were not able to produce a valid proof of insurance. Other jurisdictions will allow you to produce proof that insurance was in place at the time of the police stop. As you did not get a ticket it does not matter but be sure to carry a current certificate as you might not be so lucky the next time.

  • rcdrury

    He didn’t cite you for being uninsured; he cited you for having no proof of insurance, which is required by law in many states, apparently including yours. You are responsible for ensuring that both you and whatever vehicle you are driving is are compliance with the law.

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