Q&A: Question about health insurance while studying abroad in Australia?

Question by JessicaStone: Question about health insurance while studying abroad in Australia?
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I live in the U.S. and I am hoping to study in Australia starting March of 2011. I have a pre-existing chronic illness that requires doctor appointments and bloodwork about twice a year and costly perscriptions. I am currently covered under my parent’s insurance, but will be dropped in one year due to my age. Does anyone know of any insurance agencies that will cover my ailment while I’m in Australia? I plan to stay there 1-3 years. Thanks!

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Answer by Casey Y
You will be able to find some travel insurance when you are abroad but nothing will cover your preexisting chronic condition. You will need to pay for the preexisting condition out-of-pocket, but you would be able to get coverage for anything new and sudden that might happen to you.

I want you to really understand that what you currently have is not insurance, but a policy that pays for your chronic condition. Providing health insurance for someone with a chronic condition is like insuring a sinking ship or burning house, there is a guaranteed payout.

I hope you dont take the previous statement in the wrong way, I have family members with Chronic ailments and am certainly sympathetic. However, you need to understand the distinction here. Make sure that you never let your coverage lapse, because you may not be able to get it back in the future.

Look for travel health insurance using a search engine, you should be able to get an “insurance” policy for around $ 10/day (probably less due to your duration). Again, this will not cover your preexisting condition.

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