Q&A: Question about the U.S. Army’s health care insurance?

Question by Manapazza: Question about the U.S. Army’s health care insurance?
I will be taking the oath of enlistment next week, either on Monday or Tuesday, and I was going through several pamphlets and I read about a “low-cost health care insurance” that its available for Army Reserves Soldiers and their families.

My question is, when they say “their families,” do they refer to their wives, husbands, and children, or do they refer to their mothers, fathers, and siblings? I want to know because I’m only 18 and unmarried, and won’t be getting married for a long time, so I was wondering if I can include my parents and siblings in the TRICARE insurance.

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Dependents…spouses and children…

The US taxpayer isn’t going to foot the bill for Uncle Jimmy…

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  • babyskit5683

    Not by standard policy you can’t. If it was really urgent to have them on your insurance you have to be able to prove that you supported them in 50%+ of their life for the past 6 months.. You would have to make them your dependent… Which is a very long process and is not a thing they take lightly to.. But you would have to she u were doing things like paying their rent and buying food as well as making any bill payments that have to show you support at least 50% of their life over 6months it’s not very easy to add them… Family is really the wife, or husband and kids of the military member, there is no hassle when they are family in that way

  • PaulyM856

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