Q&A: Should i learn how to drive from my mom or go to driving school?

Question by Holly Hopscotch: Should i learn how to drive from my mom or go to driving school?
im finally learning how to drive, and my mom says she will to teach me we went once but it seamed to me that she was like moving to fast we spent about 5 minutes in a parking lot then we went on the road. And i was all nervous. So should i pay the $ 345 for driving lessons or should i just try to learn from my family

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Answer by kelly_f_1999
mom is free
she knows how to drive
you can read a book and learn for free
why pay someone to teach
when you can get it for free

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6 comments to Q&A: Should i learn how to drive from my mom or go to driving school?

  • Adoption4Us

    If you are nervous with your mom, it’s worth paying the money and having an instructor teach you. Maybe give it one more try with your mom before deciding and try to stick to subdivision roads that are not as busy.

  • European Chick

    Communicate your concerns to your mom.

    That being said, driving instructor will kick you from a parking lot onto the road in 5 minutes too.

  • Addison

    I first got the basics down from my mom, then I went to a driving class, and then on the road training(required in VA I think). After road training I continued to train with my mom so I could get the driving hours required for a license in VA. 35 day hours and 10 night hours I think, but not sure.

    It may be different if you live in another state.

  • linlyons

    maybe if you told your mom, “Could we go a little slower. Please. I’m really nervous. i don’t want to have an accident and mess up your insurance.” it would be a good experience for both of you.

  • unplugged-Pro-Peace

    try your mom first. my dad was even faster. first time i wanted to drive, i thought i would just have to drive around a residential area, but he wanted me to go on busy streets where the speed limit was 50 mph and i was so nervous. but look, its just your first time, after your first time, things will be much easier for some people, it was like that for me. if i were you, i’d learn from your mom and driving school cause if you take driving school, you’ll get a discount on insurance. if possible, try to take a defensive driving course, those are better than regular driving school.

  • glendawright91

    NEVER, EVER allow a family member or a friend teach you how to drive. All they do is teach you their bad driving habits.
    Pay the money and get professional training. In most cases you get a reduced insurance rate that more than offsets the cost of driver training.
    My dad was a driving instructor. Guess where I learned to drive. I learned to drive at the driving school across town. My dad sent me there.

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