Q&A: Should we have food insurance as well?

Question by dumdum: Should we have food insurance as well?
Because you never know when a natural disaster can destroy farmland and supermarkets! Drought could also lead to food shortages! But with food insurers like Consanto® to the rescue, they can provide emergency food aid to their policy holders with their own drought resistant seeds that can grow anywhere with little water! And those with premium policies, Consanto® can even ship fresh food to you and your family from their special top-secret, pristine farmlands in China!

Are YOU a responsible person? Responsible for yourself and/or your own family–and not on the government? Then you better purchase food insurance because droughts, snow, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other disasters are imminent and inevitable because of global climate change! For only $ 75 a month, or $ 200 for a family of four, you can have the security of knowing that you will never be without something that is a basic necessity–food!

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Answer by Zardoz
We do, it’s called the Food and Drug Administration. There’s also Federal Crop Insurance. You pay for them today.

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7 comments to Q&A: Should we have food insurance as well?


    There already is.

  • Jade

    there has been food ins. for a long time it’s called crop insurance and most farmers have it

  • real answers

    no. because then business will start resricting on what i can eat.

  • ruth

    I have “food insurance.” It is called a garden in the back yard. As long as we still have running water, anyway. lol Would you even trust a company to come through at that point? They could simply refund your premiums and have used your money free for whatever period of years they had it. lol

  • gruess gott

    Wouldn’t do any good to have food insurance because in a real shortage the government would take control and distribute it according to the needs of the government. Some people would get minimal assistance while the rich and political powerful would have no worrys.

  • freebird403us2001

    heck the way this government we have in wants to insure and tax us all to death.
    we will need water drinking tax,walking tax,breathing tax,sex tax lol the list will go on and on.what idiots those liberals are.

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