Republicans supported the insurance companies who cried that a “public option” would have been unfair to them?

Question by Steve: Republicans supported the insurance companies who cried that a “public option” would have been unfair to them?
I guess they think that being able to pull out of the “child only” insurance market is fair?

The insurance companies’ concern that some parents refusing to cover children until they get sick is valid. So, establish an open enrollment period, where you can only sign up for insurance during that time frame.

Pulling out of the child-only insurance market sure isn’t fair – to the children that is. But, Republicans aren’t screaming about that.

Does that mean they’re on the side of the insurance companies and not the children?

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Answer by Rocky Mtn High
Since most Republicans voted no on the insurance bill, it would seem the Democrats supported the insurance industry.

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State Insurance building on the corner of Stout Street and Lambton Quay, Wellington, ca 1942
Image by National Library NZ on The Commons
Photographer: William Hall Raine
State Insurance building on the corner of Stout Street and Lambton Quay, Wellington, ca 1942
Reference number: 1/1-018038-G
Glass negative
Photographic Archive, Alexander Turnbull Library

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11 comments to Republicans supported the insurance companies who cried that a “public option” would have been unfair to them?

  • cork


  • dstr

    Republicans by nature are always on the side of profit, the hell with who dies or suffers as a consequence.

  • Ay Que Lastima!

    You know Steve, if you don’t believe that the actions of insurance companies are “fair.” Start your own insurance company that caters to children.

  • mustagme

    Why should a company not have the freedom to do what it wants? If they choose to no longer offer a plan, then that is their decision. We live in a capitalist society.

    Then again, if Obamacare didn’t pass, we wouldn’t be talking about this now. So where is the real blame lie?

  • Joe in texas

    Insurance companies and the people who invest in them are not slaves to the government. If you make it impossible to make a profit they will fold up and people will invest in something profitable.

    The same thing will happen in the rest of the insurance industry. I spend about 20 grand on health care case I get sick! If I can join the government’s co-op plan even with a pre-existing condition I can drop my private insurance. Sure there’s a $ 750 fine but I’ll still be ahead $ 19,250.

    The only people who will stay in private insurance will be people who are already sick and paying less in premiums than they get in benefits.
    Private insurance will all disappear…which was the goal all along

  • t

    This needs to be understood by all Americans. The insurance industry is NOT THE PROBLEM. The runaway costS in the HEALTH Industry IS the problem. The democrats in Congress and our president have done an excellent job of deceiving its constituency and creating yet another expensive Band-Aid fix that will not work while at the same time costing taxpayers trillions to pay for. Not to mention ruining our existing insurance industry! Remember this in November!

    NOBAMA 2012!!!!

  • Josey Wales

    The better point to make is why did the democrats EXCLUDE themselves from the public option. Their union friends TOO!

    It seems logical that the people might have bitten into the public option if the DEMOCRATS had not treated the public option as TOXIC FOR THEMSELVES! and their union friends TOO!


  • Proud Progressive

    Joe in Texas, I hope you are right.

    People making a profit off of gambling with others quality of health (especially when they can stack the deck against their customers) is a sin. Insurance for your home, car, etc is one thing for profit. But when it comes to getting the care you need to live a healthy life, I don’t think PROFIT is a good mix to achieve that.

  • Drayak

    There are several reasons the bill was unfair to the insurance companies and to the tax payers. First, no one competes with the US Gov. It looses $ 100Trillion on insurance, so what get the tax payer to pay more, an insurance company would be gone if it did that. Second, we took a huge step backward in the areas of availability, quality, and cost of health care with the bills passing. I lived in Europe and traveled through Canada, those folks (a majority at least) said do not ever go down the public option road. It was a cost raiser, availability killer (for most people), and the quality of care had to be tossed by the wayside to handle the increase of patients. But then again, I lived there saw it, used it, and can say what I was used to in the US was in all areas and ways superior.

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  • It’s great news that the bankers haven’t rejected the high court claims, so I can finally start getting some of my money back.

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