Q&A: Parent’s insurance policy?

Question by : Parent’s insurance policy? Here’s the deal. I was pulled over last night and the officer didn’t give me a citation for what I did, but he did give me this “no proof of insurance” deal.

I handed the officer my insurance card, but it was expired. He allowed me to drive . . . → Read More: Q&A: Parent’s insurance policy?

Life Insurance & New Parents

Recently a business associate / friend was blessed with his first child. I was fortunate enough to have daily discussions with him leading up to birth. While I do not like to consider myself “old”, for the most part, most of my peer group have stopped having kids. Hearing my friend talk about the . . . → Read More: Life Insurance & New Parents

Life Insurance For Parents

On 9/11 two families I knew from my swim club lost their husband/father. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe the emotions we all felt not only for those poor, young families. There was, however, also a sense that many of us (the members) dodged a bullet, for it could have been any one of . . . → Read More: Life Insurance For Parents

Life Insurance for Parents

We have had several calls from children about friends whose parents had no life insurance and who had to come up with last minute funds to cover basic final expenses or liquidate with major losses some or all of the parent’s assets. The story is always the same and so is the realization that . . . → Read More: Life Insurance for Parents