Take care of my bassoon ?

Question by madison: Take care of my bassoon ?
So I’m oging to the most prodigious music HS of montreal a nd I don’twant to change schools.
I received my bassoon today and it said ; if you have an house insurance, please write it down.
My family desn’t have that “insurance” because we can’t afford it and the bassoon cost 7,450,000$ in case I break it or something. I can’t change instrument so…
ok that part was useless but i’m wondering how can I take care of it really carefully for 5 years?
I’m 12 btw..

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Answer by sarrafzedehkhoee
Buy the insurance! It’s worth it! If it is completely unaffordable, tell your music teachers about the problem. There is no doubt a program for students who don’t have much money.
The problem is that the insurance is for unforeseeable stuff, so even if you are really careful something might happen.
Get really good on the bassoon and you’ll never be hungry. Orchestras all over the world complain about the lack of good bassoon players. Good luck!

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