Why do conservatives and republicans say?

Question by Oft Suspended never duplicated: Why do conservatives and republicans say?
“get rid of your cable TV and pay for your own health insurance?”

It doesn’t make any sense. For starters, you cannot get a health insurance policy for a family at the same rate cable TV costs. It isn’t even close in price. Secondly, cable TV is one of the cheaper forms of entertainment around these days. So in effect, you’re actually saving money in many circumstances for a family. Lastly, how could I get fair and balanced news without cable TV?
the “fair and balanced” quip isn’t really material to this question. I don’t know why some of you focused on that.
Sawyer, how can a family of 4 save $ 10,000-$ 13,000 a year if they only make $ 25,000 a year?

Best answer:

Answer by Andariel Halo, Crazy yet Smarter
Because they don’t think about the things they say before they come out.

Or rather, i should shorten that to “They don’t think”

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16 comments to Why do conservatives and republicans say?

  • eazyeee888

    Never heard or said this, so OK LOL

    Hope the delusions go well while trying to call others delusional LOL

  • Captain Parker

    And they’re so responsible and hard-working too.

  • Slick

    because most of the beggars on the lib side are broke because they spend their money on other things that are non- necessities

  • Janice F

    I’ve not heard them say that.

  • Rush is a donkey 8-)

    Cons and Pubs don’t necessarily “think” rationally or logically

    they don’t need to; they need only parrot the words of their gods, Rush and Fox 🙂

  • we need Reagan and Jefferson

    you don’t listen to fair and balanced anyways, so wouldn’t be a loss would it? You just don’t want to give up that “tingle” you share with Olbermann at MSNCB.

  • Bob G

    you do not want fair and balanced news anyway so this question is ridiculous anyway.

    Yes, get rid of the cable TV, the cell phones (new ones at that) quit buying new nikes every month and yeah you might be able to pay for your health care.

  • truth seeker

    Right winged talking points seldom if ever make sense.

    the fact is, the average cost of health ins. in the United States for a family of four is $ 13,000.

    Did they mean that people can get rid of their leased Corvettes and Mercedes an pay for their own health insurance????

    60 min. man is a typical example of those who spew right wing talking points. Making those kinds of assumptions only make people look foolish.

  • Zap

    If Conservative Republicans actually knew the cost of things, the last Administration wouldn’t have dug us into such a deep fiscal hole.

  • Sawyer

    It’s not to be taken literally, as if disconnecting cable will cover your costs.

    What they mean is, if you’re spending money on material objects that aren’t NEEDED, get your priorities in order before complaining that you can’t afford health care.

    It’s not really that hard to figure out. Then again, if you really took that statement that literally, maybe it is that hard for you to figure out.

    edit. Most states offer health care to low income families. They just have to apply.

  • Erin

    That guy who asked that question is an idiot, pay no mind to him.

    As far as getting fair and balanced news without TV, the internet is always there, or the radio, but finding fair and balanced news on TV, internet, and radio is like trying to find a head of lettuce in a fat lady’s house.

  • John Hammer

    Because they don’t want to destroy America like liberal communists want to with debt.

  • 60 min man

    cable 75-100 a month
    cigs 140 a month
    beer 50 a month
    stop those three things alone and you would have close to 300 dollars a month. and would you rather be entertained or pay for medical treatment. it is hard to pay for someone when they have not done all they can to help themsleves.

  • BlackSunshine84

    So stop eating at McDonald’s to make up the difference and quit your b******g

  • terdd

    Ok so everyone has their own opinion right. well i think that its more than the tv and xbox but that would be to long to write its about all those that spend their money on stupid stuff they don’t need and you know what im talking about! And as for the comment on balanced news on cable tv maybe you should get rid of it cause the news always lie’s you need to get the facts somewhere else that’s your first problem. second don’t be a follower be a leader. check this article out no matter what if you cant pay for health insurance now i bet you wont if Obama plan goes through. http://www.forbes.com/2009/09/10/health-care-speech-obama-economics-opinions-columnists-shikha-dalmia.html

  • Oh My

    When people say that I’m sure it’s the concept that counts. Cut back on waste in your budget and you might be able to afford a catastrophic plan if you don’t have insurance. Entertainment is not a necessity. Not losing your house if you go in medical debt if far more important. If you want fair and balanced news, go to the library for FREE and read the same cable news on the internet. A little personal responsibility would go a long way.

    However, having a basic catastrophic plan is not enough. I personally don’t care either way if they do it through a single payer plan or through reform, it is not right to sell our health needs to the highest bidder, and it is totally unacceptable to drop a person from an insurance plan they’ve paid into for years just because they get sick.

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