Young adult, no health insurance, I need help!?

Question by Rohit: Young adult, no health insurance, I need help!?
I am going to make this simple as possible:

During this year, Jan to March, I have been on my parent’s insurance, “NJ FamilyCare,” which we were enrolled under “free-care” because we were horribly under the poverty line, or above it? We’re poor, that’s it.

And on April 1st, I was terminated from my insurance, they are saying I am 19 years of age, thus I have no insurance. Late August we (as a family) re-applied with all our names, and sent the papers in.

But with a lot of research, I knew I shouldn’t have been, under the “Affordable Care Act” I should have been on my parent’s insurance until the age of 26. I meet the requirements:

1. Dependent Adult (19 years old)
2. Full – time student, no college insurance.
3. No insurance for 6 months now.
4. Not employed.

I know for a fact, that being a full-time student, and being unemployed, shouldn’t affect this, but maybe it is? I talked to a representative from the welfare office, (where my parents applied) and the lady (rudely) told me that because I am 19, and in school, I was terminated. And my social worker won’t be done looking at the papers until late November.

WTF? That doesn’t make sense, so I kept the battle on, and told her that I should be covered under the law. But after some bullsh*tting around, she hung up on me. So I called again.

And this time, another lady was saying, her son who is 20 years old, is insured under her insurance, and that I should come in with my parents, and tell our social worker that I am a full time student, who can’t afford to be employed, (because of my 21 credit semester), I am dependent, and I have no job. I was like, well, “it’s not like I don’t want a job, I just can’t find the time to have one.”

I used to work 12 hour shifts, so don’t think I don’t like to work.

The main reason I need the insurance, is because of my ADHD and Mania. I also always get sick, and have kidney problems. But with this, I still can’t imagine why I was terminated. The lady told me I shouldn’t have been under the law, but different people have different ideas…

So, I will go to my social worker on the Tuesday, and find out what’s happening. But I know I should be covered, and at least for my sake until I am 23-24. To which I plan to graduate and get my own insurance, and home.

But if it doesn’t work out, what other low-payment options are there? I heard about NJ Protect, but it’s expensive on my part, and no way can I burden my parents with out-of-pocket payments.

Thanks in advance.

Best answer:

Answer by Flower
1. The Affordable Health Care Act Adult Child provision does NOT apply to Medicaid. It applies to private insurance only.

2.Since you are 19 you can no longer be on family Medicaid. You must apply under your own name but if you still live at home you will have to include your parents income.

3. If your parents did have private insurance, you do NOT have to be a student at all. You can be married and you can live on your own.

Best idea is to find a job with insurance benefits. Even Starbucks offers health plan for part-time workers.

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